We have made agreements with several hotels near Chabad to offer a special discount sometimes up to 50% from the regular price. Car Shuttle service between Hong Kong and Guangzhou & between Hotels and Airport: Please contact agent Jo Jo Tel: +8615011799977 E-mail: 147476357@163.com.

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special for shabat!:yes

special for shabat! if you wolud like to make a late chekout untill 20:00 it will an extra cost of 50% of your room price.
please confrim here if you want late chekout


Other hotels you can book yourself:

Name for the hotel: The Garden hotel 酒店名称: 广州花园酒店
No.368, huanshi dong lu, Guangzhou 地址: 广州市环市东路368号
Tel: 8620-83338989-reception
Name for the hotel: The Baiyun hotel 酒店名称: 广州白云宾馆
Address: No.367, huanshi dong lu, Guangzhou 地址: 广州市环市东路367号
Tel: 8620-83333998-reception
Name for the hotel: The Asia International hotel 酒店名称: 广州亚洲国际大酒店
 No.326, huanshi dong lu, Guangzhou 地址: 广州市环市东路326号 
Tel: 8620-61288888-reception
Name for the hotel: The Ocean hotel 酒店名称: 广州远洋宾馆
No.412, huanshi dong lu, Guangzhou 地址: 广州市环市东路412号
Tel: 8620-87765988-reception
Name for the hotel: San Mau Hotel 酒店名称:广州三茂酒店
No. 374 Huanshi Dong Road, Guangzhou, China 地址:中国广州环市东路374号
Tel: 8620-83866139
Name for the hotel: Jouven Star Hotel 酒店名称:广州骏星酒店
Address: No. 472 Huanshi Dong Road, Guangzhou, China 地址:中国广州环市东路472号
Tel: 8620-87756688
Name for the hotel: The EasunGuotai Hotel 酒店名称:广州易尚国泰大酒店 
 No. 376 Huanshi Dong Road, Guangzhou, China 地址:中国广州环市东路376号 
Tel: 8620-83862888
Name for the hotel: The Kaiseroom HuaYue hotel(1 star) 酒店名称: 凯旋龙华粤酒店
No.33 Martyr South Rd, Guangzhou 地址: 广州市先烈南路33号
Tel: 8620- 87773288-reception
Name for the hotel: The Jinyan hotel 酒店名称: 广州金燕酒店
Address: No.1-1, ai gou lu, overseas village, Guangzhou 地址: 广州市华侨新村爱国路1-1号
Tel: 8620-83598033-reception