Register for Friday & shabat at the Westin Hotel

Chabad of Guangzhou invites visitors to join us for any of the Shabbat meals at the westin hotel.
In order to help us to get organized, we ask you to fill in the form below and send it as early as possible. 
you can register until Friday 11am, any time after that we can’t guarantee you a seat.
for Shabbat Candle Lighting times in Guangzhou please click here.

Price per meal: 

Price per meal for westin guest: full Shabbat service for 3 meals: 126$ | only Friday meals: 52$ |

Price per meal for other hotel guest: full Shabbat service for 3 meals: 152$ | only Friday meals: 52$ | 

Select Shabbat:

Select Number of guests & meals:

Fri Night Only: 72$


Full Shabbat – 3 Meals For westin Guest – 150$


Full Shabbat – 3 Meals For non westin Guest – 180$

The Chabad House in Guangzhou serves all the needs of the entire community, and serves the community as a whole by providing classes for all ages and levels from toddlers to the elderly, prayers and meals on Shabbat and holidays. Assistance and assistance to the needy and special activities with young people and youth. We can do it only with your support. Please join the donors and be an active partner so that we can continue our important work. If you wish to donate please choose one of the donation options and join the bill for Shabbat meals.
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